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Nexus Engineering prides itself on working closely with our clients and construction partners. We believe that all parties should collaborate moving project forward. 

A deep dive during the initial stages is imperative to understand clients’ needs for us to comprehend their vision and provide recommendations to achieve it. 

Our team members are Builder-Open QBCC licensees and Chartered Engineer licensees accredited in Project Management. We are fully qualified and experienced in delivering complex projects where out-of-box solutions are required. 

We help our clients and community to oversee projects to ensure compliance to engineered drawings and specifications, Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia. We provide stakeholder engagement, supervision, management, operation scheduling, erection methodologies and on-going advice. 

Every residential or commercial construction project has a set of objectives that must be achieved. We note that these objectives often overlap. Our role is critical in such circumstances. Nexus Engineering addresses all six areas of any construction project: schedule, cost, safety, quality, function (intent), and scope. 

We work with architects, suppliers, and builders. Our mission is to provide stellar customer experience by ensuring that high quality materials are used with the highest standards of workmanship. Our attention to detail is key in delivering a cost-efficient project for any residential or commercial build. 

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