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Nexus Engineering has been helping our community with full range of professional services on residential and commercial projects.

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Professional Services

Welcome to Nexus Engineering, your premier destination for comprehensive construction services in Queensland, Australia. With over 20 years of engineering experience, we have earned a reputation for excellence and innovation.

At Nexus Engineering, we offer real-world practical solutions for both residential and commercial construction projects. Whether it’s constructing a new home or renovating an existing one, Nexus Engineering has got you covered.

Our expertise extends across various domains, including home alterations, structural design, seismic design, fit-out engineering, retaining wall design, project management, show-cause notice, and everything in between.

Professional Services

Structural / Civil Design

At Nexus Engineering, we craft buildings that stand the test of time. As Registered Professional Engineers in Queensland (RPEQ), we offer a comprehensive range of services in Civil and Structural Engineering design across Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Sunshine Coast. From cozy homes to industrial workshops, we design structures with precision and resilience.


Our structural design expertise extends but not limited to;

  1. Residential construction
  2. Industrial structures
  3. Commercial buildings
  4. Renovation projects
  5. Fit-out and Seismic design
  6. Structural Analysis

Choose Nexus Engineering for your next structural design project, and let us transform your vision into reality.

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Structural Assessment & Inspection

Nexus Engineering offers premium quality structural assessment and inspection services in Queensland Australia. We prioritize safety and reliability in every construction project. Our expertise allows us to offer affordable and innovative structural solutions that align perfectly with your vision, needs, and budget.


From pre-construction assessments to post-construction inspections, Nexus Engineering is your one-stop structural assessment and inspection service provider. Our experienced team ensures regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and informed decision-making.

If you notice potential structural issues in your property or have concerns about its safety, trust Nexus Engineering to provide clarity and solutions. With our transparent, client-centric methodology, we ensure you receive educated advise, detailed report, and/or practical solutions.

Contact Nexus Engineering and secure your structural future with the best in the business.

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Retaining Wall Design Services in Queensland

Nexus Engineering stands as your go-to choice for retaining wall design, construction, or both.

With a client-centric approach and a commitment to excellence, we bring your retaining wall project to life, ensuring a perfect blend of stability and aesthetics.

Retaining Wall

At Nexus Engineering, we understand the unique nature of each retaining wall project. Therefore, we choose from various types, including Concrete Sleeper, Concrete Block, Gravity, Anchored, and Sheet Piling walls.

Our methodology, aligned with Australian Standards, involves inception meetings, site assessment, design, planning, and construction, ensuring a resilient and visually pleasing outcome.

Trust Nexus Engineering for reliable, client-centric, and cost-effective retaining wall design solutions.

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Home Alterations

Are you considering a home renovation that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences? Your perfect solution is right here at Nexus Engineering.

Known for delivering real-world practical solutions for home alteration services in Brisbane, Nexus Engineering ensures your dream home becomes a reality.

home alteration

Nexus Engineering offers expert home alteration services in Brisbane, combining over 20 years of experience with cutting-edge BIM technology. Our RPEQ-registered professionals provide tailored solutions for single and multi-story houses, townhouses, and more.

Choose Nexus Engineering for a seamless journey from vision to reality.

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Fit-Out Engineering and Seismic Design

Transform your space with Nexus Engineering – where seismic resilience meets sophisticated design.

Our seismic-ready designs blend structural resilience with stylish aesthetics. From precision fit-outs engineered for earthquake readiness to compliance with Australian Standards, our team of structural engineers provides reliability and peace of mind.

seismic design

Choose Nexus Engineering for fit-out solutions that optimize functionality, prioritize safety, and exceed expectations.

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Show-Cause Notice

Navigate construction challenges effectively with Nexus Engineering’s Show-Cause Notice services in Southeast Queensland. Whether you’re dealing with a local council show-cause notice or a construction-related challenge, our expert team is here to help you satisfy imposed requirements on your projects.

shake hands

Our expert team provides specialized solutions, addressing structural design issues. We guide you through compliance with Australian Standards and local council requirements, ensuring a seamless progression of your construction projects. From local council to construction-related notices, Nexus Engineering offers comprehensive engineering reports and solutions.

Trust us to transform show-cause challenges into opportunities for structural excellence.

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Project Management

Nexus Engineering excels in Project Management, ensuring seamless execution from conception to completion. Our dedicated team of RFEQ Engineers, led by Principal Engineer, brings over 20 years of expertise to your project.

Project Management

With a vision of prompt and efficient solutions, we tailor our services to meet your needs. Our construction management team ensures projects stay on track, within budget, and aligned with your vision. From initiating and planning to resource allocation, budget management, and quality control, our project managers excel.

Choose Nexus for comprehensive Project Management that simplifies your construction journey and delivers exceptional results.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM is a powerful tool to revolutionize construction projects, and Nexus Engineering is at the forefront of fully harnessing its potential. It is our number one tool in offering solutions that are structurally resilient and financially affordable. With over 20 years of experience, we seamlessly integrate advanced BIM technology, ensuring precision, collaboration, and efficiency at every project stage. From architectural solutions to structural BIM modeling, seismic designing, 4D BIM scheduling, MEP BIM Modeling, clash detection, to Scan to BIM, Nexus Engineering offers a comprehensive range of services.

Elevate your construction projects with Nexus Engineering’s cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) services in Australia.

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